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Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island Attends Leadership Institutes

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Mar 182019

Rotary Leadership Institutes were held on March 9 at Hilton Head Prep school. Twenty seven participants were in this training.  Our District Governor, David Tirard and Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island President Larry Sanders were present to welcome the participants.  The Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island had 11 participants.  Five participants from District 7770 completed the third institute.  Thanks to Rod Funderburk and Joan Grayson and the great faculty for making this a memorable event.

Chicora Rotary Speaker Don Hanson

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Mar 112019

Pictured are Don Hanson of the first Baptist Church of Myrtle Beach and  President Angelica Senn. Mr. Hanson is a  minister of music and worship since  2005  Don  has helped establish a reading buddies program at the Myrtle Beach elementary with principal Michelle Green Graham in January 2016 the program has grown to involve 180 reading mentors serving  at- risk students at Myrtle Beach Elementary Primary and Intermediate schools the program has been a tremendous success  Mr. Hanson has detailed the program to the Chicora Rotary club and all the benefits and the excellent results that have been achieved from the program.  His presentation was outstanding and everyone enjoyed the program and many of the Rotarians sought to speak to Mr. Hanson after the program to seek more information  about enrollment  in the program.The program as he laid out was well received by the Chicora Rotary and we look forward to seeing Mr. Hanson at future meetings.

Chicora Rotary Speaker Becky Large

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Mar 112019

Pictured our president Angelica Senn, Speaker Becky Large and Sponsor Don Stevens.  Mrs. Large is the executive director of Champion Autism Network in Surfside Beach and in Myrtle Beach. The mission of Champion Autism Network is to raise autism awareness and acceptance, hold sensory and autism friendly events and inspire action to support people with autism and their families by reducing barriers.  CAN provides traditional family experiences modified for those with autism whether this can be a meal at a restaurant a movie bowling or supporting family vacations. We educate businesses hotels restaurants and venues and  the public about autism and the impact on those with autism in their families. CAN has been instrumental in having Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach issue resulting resolutions declaring them autism friendly destinations inviting locals and tourists to come and play with us at the beach. Champion Autism Network has been blessed by the opportunity to do you speak at several area Rotary clubs, A grant to fund our event at the sky wheel in December 2016 was given by the Chicora Rotary  and it provided additional resources to insure the project’s success.   Some statistics about Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills repetitive behavior speech and nonverbal communications some people with autism cannot speak but they understand what is going on or what is being said about them , so be kind.   As of April 2018 the diagnostic rate was one in 59 children can be affected with autism, the flopping a hands, spinning, a rocking known as stemming, calms people with Autism. Many children with autism have trouble with crowds light sounds and smells. Mrs. Large presentation brought into sharp focus the need for assistance to be given to children with autism whether it be monetary or any assistance in any other manner.   The discussion about autism was very much appreciated by the Chicora Rotary club.  We  learned a lot about Autism from Mrs. Large and thanked her very much for her presentation and look forward to seeing her sometime in the future.

Chicora Rotary Collects for Coins for Alzheimer’s

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Mar 112019

Pictured below is the collection effort of Chicora Rotary for the Coins for Alzheimer’s project.   This very worthy cause was started in 1996.  Each week Rotarians voluntarily empty their pockets, purses, piggy banks, and Mason jars at the weekly meetings.  The CART Fund provides for cutting edge research to cure this dreaded disease. This donation by Loring Ross was a wonderful expression of one of our Rotarians showing our club’s commitment to doing our share to help fund Alzheimer research. This generous donation was captured on film by our club photographer, Rotarian Donald Hovis.   The Alzheimer bucket is a regular fixture and beside the individual’s donation  anyone wishing to express their personal  good news, is encouraged to also donate to the bucket.

Chicora Rotary Speaker Dr.Lacey Edmison

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Mar 112019

Pictured is our president Angelika Senn ,speaker Dr.Lacey Edmison , sponsor  Rotarian Susan Burwell and Jennifer Beverly from McLeod  marketing.   The Chicora Rotary was very proud to have Dr. Edmison as a speaker, she comes from the McLeod digestive health center at  Seacoast in Little River SC.. Edmison said I have a special interest in Woman’s health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, constipation, colon cancer prevention, Irritable Bowel Syndrome  and other gastroenterological conditions.  She’s  Board-Certified in  Gastroenterology and Internal  medicine and treats a broad spectrum of gastroenterology health issues in adults 18 and up.  She is proud to be a member of the McLeod Medical staff because of its excellent reputation and patient centered centered environment. Dr. Edmison enlightened the club with her explanation  about  Barrett’s Esophagus risk about who is at risk and when the screening process should begin.  Her parting educated words of wisdom  were 1.  Screening is recommended for both colorectal cancer as well as for Barrett’s esophagus .  2. Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy are preferred screening tests   3.BETTER TO KNOW AND TREAT.Everyone at the Chicora Rotary meeting left the meeting better informed about the subject and were given a path to help resolve the problem .   We thank Dr. Edmison for speaking and look forward  to having her return in the future.  


Feb 252019

It can be hard to believe, but hundreds of local students don’t own winter coats.  They come to school under-dressed for the cold, or they even stay home from school when the weather turns severe.  The mission is simple.  Provide confidence, warmth and hope to children in need.

The Rotary Club of Georgetown purchased and provide coats for students in need through an agency called Operation Warm,  that works to supply brand new coats to children in need across the nation.     This year, we provided 78 coats to children through The Village Group, but the need continues to grow.

“We know the importance that every child should have a coat…so we wanted to do our part to ensure that these children are warm during the winter months, “said Angie Kohl, the Club’s Public Image Director.    

Bobo Thompson Awarded Rotarian of the Year

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Feb 252019

Bobo Thompson, owner of Georgetown Auto Glass has been named the McRoy Skipper Rotarian of the Year by the Rotary Club of Georgetown. The award is the highest honor rotary club members can receive and is earned by demonstrating exceptional service over an extended period of time.  Thompson has been a member of the club since 2017 and one of his many contributions is leading the service projects of the club.   Thompson received the award at a special presentation during the Valentine’s social on February 11th

The Rotary’s motto is “Service Above Self,” a mantra that Thompson takes seriously. In addition to his involvement with the Rotary Club of Georgetown, he serves on the board of the Salvation Army.   

“His service to Rotary, our club and our community was unmatched, and I’m proud to count him as not only a fellow Rotarian but also as a dear friend,” says Angie Kohl, Public Image Director.                               

Rotary’s main objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe. The 1.2 million Rotarians who make up more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in nearly every country in the world share a dedication to the ideal of Service Above Self.  The Rotary Club of Georgetown has donated over $242,000 to support Alzheimer’s Research and donated in excess of $300,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Club of Georgetown also funds local community service projects.    Club meetings are held every Tuesday at 12:15 pm at the VFW on Church Street, Georgetown, SC.   Anyone interested in learning more about Rotary is invited to attend a meeting. 

Chicora Rotary Speaker Amy Prock

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Feb 252019

Pictured from the right is Amy Prock, Chief of Police from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, President Angelika Senn  of the the Chicora Rotary and on the left is Asst Chief Marty Brown.  The Chicora is very proud to have the chief of police speak at the Rotary meeting, she has served in many supervisory capacities such as Narcotics, Unit Street Crimes, Special Operations, Regulatory and Violent crimes units and In 2014 he was appointed captain of the strategic planning division where she was instrumental in organizing several growing special events.  Chief Prock gave us a very thorough profile of herself over the years.  She is very dedicated police officer who graduated from the Radford University with a bachelors degree and  masters in psychology from Francis Marion University in 2002. Chief Prock  is also a graduate of administrative office management program from North Carolina State University . Chief Prock has been a very influential player in her team’s success through  team organization.  She believes that the only way to success is with teamwork and has proven that many times over in her relationships with other sections of the government.  Her belief is that the best way to solve problems is with negotiations and team playing.   She has proven this in her many dealings with other departmental heads and other portions of the government.   She is a very dedicated professional and she truly loves the area in which lives and works and is doing an excellent job.  Thank you for an outstanding presentation.

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