Feb 232016

Have you registered for the conference?  Click below for a message from Terry and Jaime Moore about registering.



You can go to rotary7770.org, click on Calendar and register for the Conference and Hotel.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Conference.

Do Good, Have Fun, Y’all Come.



Feb 152016

District 7770 Rotarians:

One of the speakers at the district conference will be Ben Ingram, Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Winner from Florence, SC.  Click below to hear what Ben has to say.



We will play three Rotary Jeopardy games with three contestants each.  The winner of each game will go on to play in the Rotary Jeopardy Tournament of Champions on Saturday Night.  We have great prizes but you have to participate to win.  And, it is all about Rotary so you are sure to know the “questions.”


To sign up to play Rotary Jeopardy, contact Mary Gasque at mary@gasque.com.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you Rotary savvy Rotarians.



Feb 092016

District 7770 Conference

March 18-19, 2016

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

Tom Shea, retired Navy Seal and author of Unbreakable, A Navy Seal’s Way of Life, will be our lunch speaker on Friday, March 18.  You don’t want to miss Tom Shea talking to us about his life as a Navy Seal.  We will have time for questions and answer from Tom.

Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAXwjtUvt4A to get a preview.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Conference.

Do Good, Have Fun, Y’all Come.


Feb 062016

District 7770 Conference

March 18-20, 2016

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

Y’all Come

Have Fun

Does your club plan to bring a display for the House of Friendship to tell all in attendance what your club has been doing to be a gift to the world?  Sign up today.  View the video invitation from Georgette Sandifer, Chair of the House of Friendship.





Feb 012016

District 7770 Conference

March 18-20, 2016

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

Do Good

Y’all Come

 Have Fun

The District Conference is going to be a blast for those who attend.  There will be a great band each night.  Have you signed up?   View the video invitation from Conference MC David Tirard.




Dec 022015

“Remembering No More: A Story of Change – Life in the Carolinas Alzheimer’s Special” is a segment of Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas, which first aired November 21, 2015.  In this special episode, Carl explores Alzheimer’s Disease. Focusing on the story of Vera, a gracious lady who suffers with Alzheimer’s, he explores the disease, how it impacts on patients and those who love the patients, and the efforts of the many men and women who are working to eradicate this devastating disease.

Vera lives in a memory center in Rock Hill South Carolina. Carl visits with her and discusses how Alzheimer’s has impacted her life and the lives of those who love her. Vera’s charm, sense of humor, and her vulnerability, are clear as she laughs, sings, and sometimes forgets. It is a bittersweet interview. He ends their visit with a promise to take her dancing some time.

Roger Ackerman, Rotary Member in Sumter SC Rotary Club, is the founder of C.A.R.T., or Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust. He discusses, with great emotion and affection, his mother-in-law’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, and how her suffering inspired him to explore ways to fight this disease. By emptying their spare change before each meeting, his club soon collected several thousand dollars. This seed grew. Today they provide millions of dollars for seed grant funding of Alzheimer’s research. Bill Shillito is the Executive Director of the C.A.R.T Fund. 1580 clubs and growing in the region contribute to the fund.

Allan Levey, MD is an Alzheimer’s Researcher at Emory University’s Brain Health Center. He tells Carl that Alzheimer’s Disease is a brain disease, not merely a function of aging. He was the first recipient of a C.A.R.T. grant and now serves on the review panel.

Ben Bahr, PhD, Alzheimer’s researcher and a professor at UNC Pembroke, is another recipient of a C.A.R.T. grant. He compares Alzheimer’s to a house where garbage piles up because it has no way to get rid of naturally accumulating waste (for example, byproducts of nutrients). Liposomes usually eliminate these wastes, acting as organic garbage disposals. People with Alzheimer’s have faulty or reduced lipsomes.

Erik Musiek, MD, PhD, is an Alzheimer’s Researcher in Washington University, St Loouis MO. He tells Carl that the government tends to fund established projects and labs. He is the 2015 recipient of the annual C.A.R.T grant.

Other members of Rotary International share their stories with Carl, including Robert Hall, a Rotary director, and his wife Charlene. They emphasize how universal it is, and its far reaching impact. Robert says, “What I like about Rotary is the power of one, the results of many.”

While research is a long-term resource, there are other short-term approaches to addressing the ravages of this disease. Carol Howell, Executive Director of Senior Life Journeys and Vera’s daughter, discusses one of the way her program battles Alzheimer’s Disease: music.

Carol has a life long association with choirs and has directed several church choirs. She has organized and leads The Carol Howell Agape Singers, a choir composed of people with Alzheimer’s. They were invited to perform at the 16th annual C.A.R.T. Fund Meeting in May 2015.

Dr. Bahr and Dr. Levey agree that music enhances an individual’s ability to recall and is a very useful therapy in the treatment of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease. People who may not remember many other things often remember songs and how to dance.

In the end, Carl fulfills his promise to Vera. He arrives at the Blackstock Bluegrass venue in Blackstock SC during a blackout caused by a storm, where Vera and others have gathered for an evening of entertainment. At first Vera does not remember him, but they are soon dancing into the night.

Music truly is magic. As life begins to diminish, women like Vera, and organizations like the Rotary’s C.A.R.T., give hope to millions that Alzheimer’s will be cured. The memories fade, the lights grow dim, and yet, gracefully and bravely, Vera and many others dance on.

Three Clubs Participate in Global Grant in South Africa

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Sep 022015

East Cooper Breakfast, North Charleston-Breakfast, and Lake Murray-Irmo Clubs are participating in Global Grant 1523745 for Early Childhood Development Training with Westville Club, South Africa, District 9370.  The Clubs submitted their respective funds in March 2015 to assist The Westville Club in working with a local organization, Feed the Babies.


Feed the Babies works with approximately 300 crèches throughout the province of KwaZulu Natal (about 50% of Rotary D9370) extending from Ezingolweni in the south to Mbazwana and Pongola in the north and inland to Emnambithi.  They currently feed approximately 9000 children daily in these creches.


The Grant is focusing to

  • Provide training in regard to hygiene and appropriate precautions when administrating first aid along with basic first aid kits.
  • Train the caregivers in basic Early Childhood Development
  • Provide wall charts
  • Provide training on the making of educational toys and provide a “starter” kit for caregivers to make toys.


Attached Pictures from Toy Making by Caregivers on 9/17/2015:

unnamed1 unnamedunnamed

Rotary Club of Carolina Forest Sunrise Hosts Big Paws Canine Foundation

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Jun 272015
The Rotary Club of Carolina Forest Sunrise hosted Mrs. Eileen Sause (left) and her daughter,
 Ms. Mary S. Slavik (right) pictured with service dog “Boom” at a recent club meeting.
Ms. Slavik described the not- for- profit Big Paws Canine Foundation, Inc. founded by her and
her husband, Steve, a Marine and former police officer. The foundation provides service dogs
to our disabled Veterans and First responders injured in the line of duty at no cost. Contact
Big Paws Foundation toll free 8444-BIG-Paws (844-244-7297) or www.BigPawsCanine.com for
details on how to support this patriotic service for our Heroes.

Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach Hosts Rotary Reading Camp

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May 022015

The Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach recently hosted it’s Third Annual Rotary Reading Camp for the four and five year Olds in our community.  Rotary volunteers provided snacks, books and special reading time with the four and five year olds who attended camp, April 20th -23rd. The Rotary Reading Camp is just one facet of North Myrtle Beach Rotary Club’s Literacy Program.

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