Rotary Club of the Lowcountry 13th Annual Memory Links Golf Tournament Benefitting Alzheimers Research A Success!

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Jun 132017


President Alan Beach and his team ready to take on the competition at Ocean Creek Golf Course at Fripp Island.
Board Secretary Peach Morrison, former Club President Jeff Althoff and Incoming President Elect Cliff Mrvcka with their team armed for victory!
Volunteers from Alzheimer’s Family Services in Beaufort and surrounding area. This 13th Annual Memory Links Golf Tournament was a successful fundraising effort again this year due to the hard work of all the Rotary members, Alzheimer’s volunteers and business sponsor support. This was a team effort on a beautiful Saturday to again raise money for a cause that affects so many of us—directly and indirectly. This event was the epitome of Service Above Self.

Carolina Forest Rotary Fundraiser

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Jun 132017
As the attached flyer shows, the Carolina Forest Rotary is having a fundraiser on June 14at Firehouse Subs on Rt 501 near the WalMart store. A percentage of the sales that evening will be donated to Rotary for the many charitable activities in which Rotary is involved.
We would appreciate any coverage that you can give this event.Firehouse Rotary Fundraiser

Rotary Clubs Sponsor Youth Exchange Students

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Jun 032017

Media Release from Rotary Club of Beaufort:

One of the major programs of Rotary is sponsoring youth exchange programs.  This past year, two exchange students attended Beaufort area high schools – Emma Anderson from Denmark who attended Beaufort High School and Karolina Struhárová from the Czech Republic who attended Beaufort Academy.  Recently, both made presentations to the Rotary Club of Beaufort summarizing their year in the United States.

Photo captions:

Emma Anderson from Denmark with Rotary Club of Beaufort President Willie Mack Stansell.  Emma attended Beaufort High School this past year as a youth exchange student.

Karolina Struhárová from the Czech Republic with Rotary Club of Beaufort Willie Mack Stansell.  Karolina attended Beaufort Academy this past year as a youth exchange student.Emma Anderson Karolina Struhárová

Bluffton Rotary

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Jun 022017

Rotary Gives to Back to the Greater Bluffton Community

This month the Rotary Club of Bluffton donated $5000 to the Greater Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine. Pictured below: Executive Director of BJVIM, Pat Tomey and Rotarian President, Michael Putich
Rotary Club of Bluffton presented pretigous Paul Harris Awards to several members of the local chapter.  Pictured;  President-Michael Putich, Pike Jones, Chierie Smith , David Hussey, John Anderson and District Manager Nancy Reidel.
Al Stokes, Director of DNR’s Waddell Mariculture Center speaks at the weekly breakfast on condition of our waterways.

Five Points Rotary Program

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Jun 022017
Once a year the Five Points Rotary Club has a Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers and the Principals attending the meeting and teachers are given a plaque and gift certificate.
This is one of our best programs of the year. Thank you Derek Gruner for arranging this program. And thank you Emerson Smith for the photo.
pictured l/r: T=teacher; P=Principal
(Rosewood ES) T-Heather Gilbert, P-Elizabeth Williams
(AC Moore‎ ES) T-Randall Clamp, P-Luvenia Baker
(Dreher HS) ‎P-Jeanne Stiglbauer, T-Rebecca Smith-Hill
(S. Kilbourne ES) P-Samantha Carlisle, T-Maylin Tennis
(St Martin de Porres) P-Sister Roberta Fulton, T-Doris Arvelo
(Hand MS) T-Robert Harris, P-Brian Goings

Special item…very unusual……historical event

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Jun 022017
PDG Jimmie Williamson was installed as eighth president of the North Carolina Community
College System on Monday,April 10, and several D. 7770 PDG’s attended.
Shown , left to right,are:
PRID David Michaux,III, Betty Squatriglia,Sarah Michaux, PDG Williamson, and PDG
Bob Squatriglia. Since Jimmie was the “bow tie governor”, Michaux and Squatriglia dressed in the “uniform of the day”—bow ties!


Rotary has Heart Sumter Rotary Submission

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Apr 242017
The Sumter Rotary Club’s Rotary Has Heart community service project is our Farm-to-Table event.
In this, our fourth year of putting on this event, we sold close to 1,000 tickets for $30 each, and raised more than $20,000 to support 4 charities: The CART Fund (founded by members of our club), 4H, United Ministries, and the Shaw Air Force Base’s Warm Heart Fund. Each of our 80 club members was expected to sell 10 tickets, and most did just that.
The event took months of planning by a committee of 6 senior Rotarians and involved several hundred hours of volunteer work.  The event was heavily promoted in both the local newspaper and radio station–thanks to club members who manage those media outlets.
We had 15 sponsors as well as 12 local restaurants and food producers who donated their wares. This was clearly a whole-community effort.
This project not only helped those in need, and helped improve Rotary’s image in the greater Sumter community, it also provided a fun event for community residents who look for things to do without having to travel to Columbia or elsewhere.
F2T decorations F2T decorations2 F2T leaders
Mar 232017

Water and Sanitation

According to Water Missions International

842,000 people die every year globally due to diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation and hand hygiene. That is approximately 2,300 people/day.

Approximately 2.4 Billion people live without adequate sanitation.  That’s 35% of the Global population.

Reductions in time to collect water has been found to increase school attendance.

Every $1 invested in water and sanitation provides a $4-$35 economic return.

District 7770 has donated over $100,000 for clean drinking water

Many of our Clubs have donated to the District Water Project.  This Water Project has written and delivered over $100,000 in Water Systems to underdeveloped countries.  I would like to congratulate those clubs that have been a part of these grants.

Rotarians from the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston participated in Water Missions International’s Annual Walk for Water. The funds raised will support safe water community development projects. It was a family-friendly, non-competitive event. Rotarians began their walk with an empty bucket symbolizing the trek that millions take each day to fetch water. Halfway through the walk, buckets were filled with water and the journey was completed.

The Rotary Club of  Bluffon also had a walk for water to support the water system they provided in Peru.  The Bluffton club recently sent a congratulatory Facebook post  “to our friends at Rotary Club Paita Centro in Peru from your friends at the Bluffton Rotary Club in SC.  So grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with you to bring clean water to the wonderful people of Miramar:

marchpic1 marchpic2


Walter Hughes a Virginia Rotarian has taken several groups to Ghana to provide clean water.  Our District has contributed Global Grant money and talent to these missions.

marchpic3 marchpic4


Walter said, “I am honored to be a White House Champion of Change. I’m accepting on behalf of Rotarians and friends from a team of more than 80 Rotary clubs in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Ghana, and South Sudan. We are celebrating the end of Guinea worm disease in Ghana in West Africa. It all started with a dream. I’m the lucky guy who gets to witness lives transformed around the world.”    District Rotarians, Dr. Anne Matthews PRIVP, David Michaux PRID, Helen Ryan Rotarian and others accompanied Walter on one such mission.

Feb 032017


Rotarians are being asked to help their communities around Valentine’s Day 2017

The 2017 Rotary Has Heart program is a Community Service Program which is a continuation from last

year’s program, originally initiated by PRIVP Anne L. Matthews and expanded by PRID Robert Hall and now continued by RID Joe Mulkerrin.  I would like all our 80 clubs in District 7770 to do a community service project in the 1st quarter of 2017 and let the community be aware of what Rotary is doing.  We can help those in need and improve Rotary’s image in each of our communities at the same time.  The Rotary Foundation Trustees and RI Board consider this awareness a critical element in our membership strategy which is key to Rotary’s future.

Zone 33-34 Director Mulkerrin announced a recognition program in which all clubs and districts can participate.  Each Governor will select what is considered to be the best Rotary Has Heart club community service project with related publicity in the district.   A club president from Zone 33 and Zone 34 will receive 1,000 Paul Harris recognition points plus a certificate and be recognized at all events after the deadline (March 31, 2017).  The two club presidents can use the 1,000 recognition points to honor a Rotarian or non-Rotarian who has made a significant contribution to their community. The District Governors in each Zone with the highest percentage of participation will receive a painting by George Lewis to auction off to raise funds for PolioPlus or a Water Project or one of the six Areas of Focus.

Each club may decide for itself how it wants to participate. It could be something as simple as donating money to an established program or something as complex as organizing a full-fledged club service project all following the six areas of focus. While this is first and foremost a Community Service Project, it is also a chance for us to show thousands of communities throughout our zones what Rotarians can do to Serve Humanity.


  • Reduced meals at a meeting with the cost difference donated to fight hunger in your community.
  •  Provide food or related supplies to a needy organization in your community
  •  Back Pack Buddies
  • Harvest Hope
  • Work with your local food pantry or food providers i.e. Meals On Wheels

Send your pictures and information about your event to

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