Swiss Exchange Student

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Jun 052016

Joelle Zingg the Rotary Club of Beaufort’s charming, teen age exchange student from Switzerland gave the club a lively overview of her country, her family and life in a quaint Alpine village, and her adventures as an exchange student. She summed up her experience with this memorable quote, “Exchange isn’t a year of your life it’s a life in a year.”

Swiss exchange student

Jun 042016

We would like to thank the Lexington Rotary Club for sponsoring Miriam Stutler. She will be packing her bags for her exchange in Switzerland for this upcoming year! Miriam is 16 years old and is from Columbia, South Carolina. In her free time, she likes to draw and cook.  Her favorite subjects are math and science, which will play a big part of her future career as an engineer.

Miriam attends Brookland-Cayce High School in Cayce, South Carolina. She was awarded a Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship from the South Carolina’s Eastern District 7770! This scholarship covers room, board, and tuition as well as a monthly stipend. Miriam will attend a local high school in Switzerland in the small village of Zug, which is outside of Zurich.

There was an article written in the newspaper about Miriam’s upcoming Rotary Youth Exchange! You can check out the article at We are very proud of Miriam and can’t wait for her to start her exchange in Switzerland!


Two Rotary Clubs Combine to Sponsor Coastal Carolina University Students as Global Scholars

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Jun 042016

A unique Global Grant Scholar Committee met at Coastal Carolina University to consider Coastal Carolina University  student candidates to be sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Myrtle Beach and Carolina Forest Sunrise for Rotary International’s most prestigious scholarships.
Chaired by Dr.Darla Domke-Damonte, CCU Associate Provost for Global Initiatives, the joint committee of CCU faculty, staff and Rotarians are:( Left to Right)
Dr. Sherer Royce,Dr.Bob Squatriglia,, Ms. Gina Cummings,Gen.(Ret.)Bob Reed, Dr Domke-Damonte, Past RI Director David Michaux. Domke-Damonte and PDG Squatriglia are members of the Carolina Forest Sunrise Club, and Reed and Michaux are members of the Myrtle Beach Club. Royce and Domke-Damonte are CCU faculty members and Cummings is Director of the CCU Wall Fellows program.


May 272016

Update from former scholar: Hi District 7770! I graduated from George Washington University in Washington, DC, on May 13-15 with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. I am thankful for the diverse didactic and clinical experience afforded me over the past 24 months, an opportunity built atop my global public health and communication study through Rotary. I have accepted a job in pediatric emergency medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in NW and SE DC and look forward to serving the medical needs of children in the District. I also look forward to using my public health background to pursue research projects both in DC and globally through this position. I am so thankful to Rotary – my experience with Rotary has shaped my understanding of community health and health disparities, knowledge that will make me a better PA and clinician. I am thrilled and so very thankful. Special shout out to Lou Mello for being the best sponsor counselor ever and keeping me connected to Rotary since my return from Australia, 5 years ago! My time with Rotary continues to shape me in my personal and professional life. Thank you!

–Leslie Mosteller, Ambassadorial Scholar 2010-11 (MA in Health Communication at the University of Sydney)



Rotary Club of Beaufort’s exchange student from Asuncion, Paraguay

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May 262016

Dylan Gosling-Caceres the Rotary Club of Beaufort’s exchange student from Asuncion, Paraguay gave the Club a most interesting presentation about his small, land-locked country. He talked about: the history of Paraguay; the terrible but little-known wars that continue to shape the nation; Paraguay’s cultural heritage; and legends of the pre-colonial indigenous Guarani people (from which he is descended). He even brought a sample of Tereré (Paraguayan tea)—the nation’s drink of choice. He then spoke of his experiences and travels as an exchange student which has proven to be quite a successful cultural transition for a young man who had never seen the ocean or traveled outside Paraguay except for a brief visit to Argentina.

Dylan presentation

May 232016

PRIVP Anne Matthews, a member of the Polio Advocacy Task Force for the US, met in Washington, DC, last week with Congressional  supporters of our effort to eradicate Polio in the world. A reception was given to the Congressmen who  have worked with us in the effort. Senator Joe Wilson  was recognized several years ago as a Polio Champion by Rotary International. He is a Rotarian and attends the reception  yearly and speaks at the event. 

Sen Joe Wilson


May 022016

The Rotary Club of Sumter Sunrise participated in the City Of Sumter’s Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Swan Lake in Sumter.  The club, in partnership with Central Carolina Technical College, displayed a portable water purification system similar to one that might be supported by Rotary in developing countries.  Sumter Sunrise Rotarians also sold raffle tickets for a 50qt Yeti Cooler which was donated by a club member to raise money for a literary project and coat closet drive to support a local Elementary School.


Pictured from left to right are Rotarians Meree McAlister, Mark Mossell, Kristin Hallal, Greg Harris and Penny Pratt.



May 012016

We would like to thank the Hilton Head Island Rotary Club for sponsoring Josie Engleman. She is enjoying her exchange in France this year! Josie is 16 years old and is from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. She is having the time of her life in France. We want to thank Comminges (St-Gaudens-Luchon) Rotary Club for hosting Josie! Below is a letter from Josie explaining how much fun she is having in France:

Hello everyone,


My name is Josie Engelman and for my exchange I am living in France. It’s been about 7 1/2 months now in my host country and without a doubt, my life couldn’t be any better. Now that spring has come around and it’s warmer outside everyone is a lot happier. Our moods here in France really change with the weather. With all that being said, our high school year is about to finish up and that’s something really sad to think about. Right now I feel so close to my class in school, and I communicate well in my host language and my host Rotary club has been so excellent to me, and it’s difficult to think that that all has an expiration date. I would say that there have been so many good things this year but there are 3 or 4 things that really stand out in my mind.


Number one: I realized what I want to do with my life in terms of a job. My first choice would be to be an interpreter between French and English. My second choice would be to work in the hotel and restaurant business. So now I aspire to reach these two goals in my life and having an idea to work off of really helps!


Number two: I have crossed so many things off of my bucket list at the age of only 16. With the help of Rotarians and my host families I have seen so many incredible sights in Europe that I had only ever dreamed of seeing. I’ve visited prehistoric caves, I’ve seen some of the most important religious sights on Earth, skied on beautiful mountain tops, walked on medieval grounds and experienced so many crazy things that I thought I would never do. All of this has made me take a look at my life and really reflect on how lucky I am to have such a wonderful opportunity.


Number three: I have learned the true meaning of friendship. Someone who is willing to take you in, knowing that it won’t be easy to communicate at first, but sticks with you still, can be considered a best friend. I just so happen to have stumbled across the right people in this world. My best friend Loanne took me in the first day of school and now I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave her. Our friendship has grown so much and it will be a hard day leaving this country. Below is a picture of my best friend, Loanne.


Well there’s just a short sum up of my life right now! I must say I can’t complain, life is good! Now I’ll be making the most of my time here with my school friends, exchange friends and host families.

Sincerely, your  friend


Josie Engleman





Apr 282016
National Park Ranger Greg Cunningham briefed the Chapin Rotary Club on the organizations centennial campaign ( and also upcoming events at our Congaree National Park. This park protects over 26,000 acres of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest, the largest such area left in the United States.
For more information, go to
Rotary 21 004
Apr 212016

District 7770 is very proud to announce that we will be sending 13 Long Term Outbounds and 1 Short Term Outbound to join over 8,000 students who will be participating in Rotary Youth Exchange for the school year 2016-17! Rotary Youth Exchange is an amazing program that changes so many young lives. We want to especially thank the Rotary Clubs for sponsoring the students while they are studying abroad: Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Mt. Pleasant, St. Andrews (Charleston), Charleston Breakfast, Sumter, Charleston, Lexington, and North Charleston Breakfast. Our students will be traveling to 10 different countries all around the world. Below is a picture of our Future Outbounds for the school year of 2016-17. We can’t wait to see how their journey studying abroad will change their life forever!


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