Jul 292014

On July 3, 2014, Rotarians Barbara Kelley-Duncan, John Tecklenburg, and Bill Moody traveled to Flers de L’Orne (France) with a delegation of eight individuals representing the political, economic, cultural, and humanitarian elements of Charleston in the hope of sparking new relationships through future activities between the two cities. The original contact between Charleston and Flers begun in 1947, whereby Charleston gathered over 100 tons of supplies and sent to Flers which had been nearly destroyed during the battle of Normandy. This delegation holds the concepts of benevolence, economic advancement, and international amity as its core ideals. As a show of appreciation to Charleston for our assistance after the invasion, there is a “Charleston Square” in Flers. On July 4, 2014, a plaque was dedicated to Charleston and erected in the square. In a formal ceremony, the Mayor of Flers made the presentation to Mr. William Moody, who was the leader of the Charleston delegation.

Photo 1: The Charleston delegation together in front of a war memorial in a French town called St. Lo,  the permanent memorial is dedicated to Major Thomas Howie, a native South Carolinian and graduate of the Citadel, he is known as the Major of St. Lo, having given his life leading his troops in the liberation of St. Lo !! (L-R: David Dunn, Amy Bondurant, John and Sandy Tecklenburg, Bill and Audrey Moody, Marie Laure Arnaud, Barbara Kelley-Duncan, and Bill McSweeney)


Photo 2: The rededication of the Place du Charleston in Flers France, with Rotarians Barbara Kelley-Duncan, Bill Moody, and John Tecklenburg along with Mayor Yves Goasdoué of Flers.


Photo 3: And finally, all the buildings surrounding the Place du Charleston have this sign!



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