Mar 042016

February is Rotary World Understanding Month! This month identifies and celebrates that world understanding crosses all religious, political and geographical boundaries. Rotary International has spread this message all around the world! This has been acted out through kindness, compassion, fellowship and most importantly “Service above Self.”

We have 16 Inbound and Outbound Students that have traveled to and from 13 different countries around the world. Each of our students has spread this message through act of kindness and compassion. Our students better understand the world by just living in it. They are learning new cultures and making lifetime friends from all around the world.

McKenna Hardy is enjoying her exchange in Japan this year! She has made a lot of friends and is loving life in Japan. Below is a picture of “The Gang” which includes: 3 Thailand students, 3 Taiwanese students, and one American (McKenna Hardy).  We want to thank Charleston Breakfast Rotary Club for sponsoring McKenna. She is 16 years old and is from Charleston, South Carolina. McKenna is most dedicated to figure skating; she started this hobby when she was 9 years old. We would like to thank Terryn Patterson who is McKenna’s Rotary Youth Exchange Officer. She has helped McKenna along the way to make her dream come true to be able to travel to Japan. Below is a picture of McKenna in Japan exchanging banners with the Club President. We want to thank Hachinohe-North Rotary Club for hosting her in Japan! If your club is interested in sponsoring an exchange student like McKenna, please contact Allison Ford at or Vicki Tatum at

McKenna Hardy in Japan with The Gang 3 Thailand Students, 3 Taiwanese and the American (me)

My first Rotary meeting back in August, I am exchanging banners with the Club President

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