Mar 112019

Pictured our president Angelica Senn, Speaker Becky Large and Sponsor Don Stevens.  Mrs. Large is the executive director of Champion Autism Network in Surfside Beach and in Myrtle Beach. The mission of Champion Autism Network is to raise autism awareness and acceptance, hold sensory and autism friendly events and inspire action to support people with autism and their families by reducing barriers.  CAN provides traditional family experiences modified for those with autism whether this can be a meal at a restaurant a movie bowling or supporting family vacations. We educate businesses hotels restaurants and venues and  the public about autism and the impact on those with autism in their families. CAN has been instrumental in having Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach issue resulting resolutions declaring them autism friendly destinations inviting locals and tourists to come and play with us at the beach. Champion Autism Network has been blessed by the opportunity to do you speak at several area Rotary clubs, A grant to fund our event at the sky wheel in December 2016 was given by the Chicora Rotary  and it provided additional resources to insure the project’s success.   Some statistics about Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills repetitive behavior speech and nonverbal communications some people with autism cannot speak but they understand what is going on or what is being said about them , so be kind.   As of April 2018 the diagnostic rate was one in 59 children can be affected with autism, the flopping a hands, spinning, a rocking known as stemming, calms people with Autism. Many children with autism have trouble with crowds light sounds and smells. Mrs. Large presentation brought into sharp focus the need for assistance to be given to children with autism whether it be monetary or any assistance in any other manner.   The discussion about autism was very much appreciated by the Chicora Rotary club.  We  learned a lot about Autism from Mrs. Large and thanked her very much for her presentation and look forward to seeing her sometime in the future.

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