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Ambassadorial Global Grant Scholarships are for graduate study during one
academic year abroad and provide a cash grant from which the applicant must
provide for round-trip transportation, tuition and fees, room, board and language
training (if necessary) and living expenses.
 Scholars are required to attend at least one orientation seminar if offered in
their district or region.
 Study or training must be undertaken in another country or territory where
there are Rotary clubs.
 Each scholar is responsible for applying directly to the assigned institution,
gaining admission, obtaining required visas.
 Scholars may receive additional funding from other sources during the
scholarship period.
 Any applicant whose native language is not that of the proposed country of
study must submit evidence of the ability to read, write and speak the
language of that country even if the course of study is done in English.

IMPORTANT DATES for Interested Clubs
 Seek qualified applicants Fall 2013 and 1st
Quarter 2014
 Sponsor clubs screen and select applicants January – April 2014
 Applicants submit application to sponsoring Rotary Club April 1, 2014
 Sponsor clubs submit applications to District Scholarship Committee
June 1, 2014, including a preliminary costs proposal for the Scholarship to
meet the minimum $30,000 requirement. The costs to include all tuition,
books, travel, living expenses and a one month language training course in 13
the country of destination as required. A local project in the country of
destination can be included to meet the $30,000 minimum. A Club
Endorsement form must also be submitted to the Scholarship Committee.
 In addition to the online application, a University transcript, a photo and 2
letters of recommendation must be submitted.
 Coach and prepare applicant for District Interview June – July 2014.
 District Interviews – Reception July 25th, Interviews July 26th. In Person
Attendance Mandatory.
 Host and Sponsor Districts submit applications online to TRF March, 2015
for approval on July 1, 2015.

Each Rotary Club in District 7770 may submit two (2) applications for the
Academic Year.

Please contact: Chair Rotary Scholarship Program -Beth Wingard 803-251-
1706 bethwngrd(at)gmail(dot)com
Vice-Chair Mary English 516-635-6788 northportpt(at)aol(dot)com

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