Sep 272013

rotary has heartRotary International Vice President Anne L. Matthews from Columbia, South Carolina USA, is an educator by profession, and cares deeply about our children, especially those who are hungry, and she is asking all clubs and districts in Zones 33 and 34 to do something to help.

Anne has set Valentine’s Day 2014 as the one day on which each of the 1,579 clubs in the zones (representing 67,000 Rotarians) is being asked to engage in a hunger project to change lives.

Each club may decide for itself how it wants to participate. It could be something as simple as donating money to an established hunger program (such as Feeding America) to something as complex as organizing a full-fledged meal event as a club service project.

The focus will be on children but, as director Anne has said, if other hungry people are fed, all the better.

“Our children are our future! I have a deep passion for children who subsist from day to day because they are hungry. Children cannot learn when their little stomachs are empty. Rotarians need and can do something about this,” Anne said. “There is plenty of food to go around, and NO ONE should go hungry. I am asking Rotarians to give one day’s attention, Valentine’s Day 2014, to this critical need in our communities in Zones 33 and 34.”

While this is first and foremost an effort to feed children, it is also a chance for us to show thousands of communities throughout our zones what Rotarians can do when we engage Rotary change lives. We have put together a flyer that provides details about the project and offers ideas clubs can use both to feed hungry children and to maximize public exposure for your Rotary club.

We are not doing this to brag, but to help the public better understand what Rotary is and what Rotarians do to make their communities better. It is our hope that clubs will use this effort to develop their membership, and to promote giving to our Rotary Foundation.

Director Anne believes that if we unite on this single day with a single focus we will not only engage Rotary change lives but will also capture the attention of so many people who are willing to support our causes and want to become one of us. We expect some of our clubs will join together to organize a community wide effort, while others will participate in a less demanding although just as important way.

Whatever way your club chooses to participate, we hope you will bear the Rotary banner proudly and tell your story boldly.

After all, Rotary has heart and there is no better day to show this collectively than on Valentine’s Day.

For more information, please contact our district’s “Rotary Has Heart” coordinator Erna Blome. ernablome(at)aol(dot)com


Lou Mello

District Governor D7770




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