Jan 212016

Working with the Gift of Life El Salvador organization, the Spring Valley Rotary Club has hosted three Gift of Life patients since 2012. Xochitl Beltran, an 11-year old girl from El Salvador being the most recent. Xochi and her mother Lillian arrived the first week of October and have spent 3 months in Columbia. Xochitl  had two operations at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, to address her severe scoliosis and issues with her spinal cord, the first was a procedure by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Stanley Skarli, to “untether” her spinal cord, in late October. Then a month later, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Hydorn operated and did a spinal fusion to address her scoliosis, by putting permanent rods in her back.


Throughout this time she has had two Rotary host families, staying with Gert and Marty Wells since the end of October and with Kathleen Ganley for two weeks upon arrival. The Rotary Gift of Life program works to bring children from other countries here to the US for health care that they are not able to get at home.  Palmetto Health Richland, the home of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, has a contract with Rotary Gift of Life, to provide one International Benevolence case per year.  The Spring Valley Rotary club coordinated getting Xochi here through Gift of Life El Salvador and has provided her host family throughout the duration of her stay.

Here is the link to the story that aired on WLTX last night.


Gift of Life patient Xochi, with her mother Lillian, and their Rotary host family of Marty and Gert Wells. Marty is a member of the Spring Valley Rotary Club.

leaving hospital with Wells

Xochi with Wayne Magee, Spring Valley Rotarian and his wife Tammy. Wayne serves as the club’s Gift of Life coordinator.

Magees with Xochitl at Rotary on 10.29.15

Xochi and her mother with pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Stanley Skarli, a surgeon at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.

Xochitl and Lillian with Dr. Skarli 11.2.15


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