May 212014

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline of June 1st for submission of applications for the 2015-2016 Ambassadorial Global Grants Scholarships is near!  I hope you are working closely with your candidate(s) to put their applications together for submission, and I am sure we have some wonderful candidates for the program this year.

The Club Sponsor will be responsible for collecting all items from the candidate, to include the application, draft costs proposal budget, a photograph headshot, official college transcript, and two letters of recommendation, and then submitting in a hard copy by mail and also in an electronic copy by email to me.   The draft costs proposal should meet the minimum grant requirement of $30,000, and should include tuition, housing and utilities, food and basic living expenses, books and supplies, airfare and local travel.  If the candidate’s budget does not meet the minimum amount of $30,000, the candidate may include a service project of their own design to get the budget up to the $30,000 requirement.  A project may not be included if the budget already meets or exceeds the minimum.

The Club Sponsor should advise the applicant to have the references sent directly to the Club Sponsor and not to the candidate.

A Club Endorsement Form is included in the attachments with this email, and will need to be completed by the appropriate club representatives and included in the application.

I am attaching the Areas of Focus master document from Rotary International, the District Submission Guidelines, and also the Club Endorsement Form.  It is very important in reviewing your candidates application that BOTH their course of study selected, and their professional objectives fall within one of the Six Areas of Focus as defined by Rotary International; please refer to the RI document to ensure the program and goals fall within these definitions.

***Please note we do ask the club sponsor to communicate any questions or information from the committee to your applicant, and vice versa in order to keep the process as objective as possible.  Please send the hard copy application to me at the following address:  Beth Wingard, 271 Saluda Woods Place, West Columbia, SC 29169.  The electronic copy will need to be sent to me at bwingard@bbandt.comas one email with three labeled attachments:
1.) Application
2.) Costs Proposal
3.) Supporting Documents (references, transcript, photograph, club endorsement form).

All applications must be received from your club no later than June 1, 2014.   Any applications received after June 1st will be considered ineligible.

Your club may sponsor up to two (2) candidates.   The candidate should not apply to their intended university; we ask only that the candidate identify their intended program of study and university.  The program must be for graduate-level study.  District 7770 will only fund one year of study; any further study will be the responsibility of the candidate.  A direct lineal descendant (child or grnadchild) of an active Rotarian is not eligible to apply unless the Rotarian has been out of Rotary for three full years.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in supporting your candidate during and after the application and selection process.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to our committee members Mary English and Amanda Jordan should you have any questions or concerns.  Their email addresses are included below.

Kindest Regards,

Beth Wingard

District 7770 Ambassadorial Global Grants Scholarship Chair

Tel: (803)422-3741

Email:  bwingard(at)bbandt(dot)com


Mary English

Email:  northportpt(at)aol(dot)com


Amanda Jordan

Email:  rcsdcatlee(at)gmail(dot)com


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