Dec 142020

Paul Sommerville, an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Beaufort, was recognized at his Rotary’s December 9th luncheon meeting by fellow Rotarian David Rose from the Rotary Club of College Park, Orlando, Florida.  Rose honored Sommerville, the current vice chairman, Beaufort County Council and former chairman, Beaufort County Council, by donating $1,000 in his honor to the Rotary International Foundation.  Rotarians who donate $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation are designated as “Paul Harris Fellows,” a title that honors the memory of the founder of Rotary International, Paul Harris.  As this was Sommerville’s second donation, he was designated as a “Paul Harris Fellow Plus One.” Rose chose to honor Sommerville because they were grade school classmates in a small town in West Virginia where their fathers were on temporary assignment.  Rose and Sommerville had remained in contact with each other over the years, and when Rose called Sommerville to see if they could get together for lunch, they both learned that they were fellow Rotarians, separated by some 300 miles.  Rose surprised Sommerville by arranging to attend the Beaufort Rotary’s December 9th meeting and donating to the Rotary Foundation in Sommerville’s honor.

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