Apr 242015
carolina forest sunrise

Club member Dr. Kevin Kristick (left) stands with RC of Carolina Forest-Sunrise guest speaker Brian Ling (right) at a recent club meeting.

Brian described his upcoming (May 26-June 9) tenth Haiti Mission trip to “the land the world forgot” as part of a fifteen member mission team which will treat Haitian animals and educate Haitians about animal husbandry. The burro is the most common work animal and its number one health problem is saddle sores caused by working conditions. Brian’s team will treat 200 animals per day, and he has seen great improvement in the reduction of saddles sores due to their educating Haitians on the proper care of these important animals. Facts about Haiti: life expectancy is 53 years, there is 70% unemployment and 70% illiteracy, average annual income is $300 (American) and there is 20% mortality of children under age 2 years. Brian and his team are self funded and the club made a donation toward those expenses.

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