SC Plans Action On Climate Change Issues

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Sep 232020

Senior environmental attorney Tom Mullikin of Camden – chair of the Governor’s Floodwater Commission – is leading efforts to help defend South Carolina from the effects of a warming planet.   The job includes dealing with rising sea levels, persistent flooding and severe storms coming in from the Atlantic and up from the Gulf Coast, as he explained to Capital Rotarians during their Sept. 23 Zoom meeting.  Mullikin (in photo) said debate over climate change has been “hijacked by politics” that breed division, but the Floodwater Commission wants to “occupy the middle ground” via emphasis on solving environmental challenges.  Plans have been made to plant 1.8 million trees throughout the state on Earth Day 2021 as an example of local, positive action.  “We in South Carolina can’t solve the world’s problems,” Mullikin said.  “What we’re going to have to do is solve ours.”   Floodwater Commission solutions range from planting more shoreline vegetation to constructing natural and artificial reefs along the coast; from cleaning canals, ditches and rivers to replacing fossil fuel power plants with utility-scale solar.  “We’re in the process now of helping to create an electric highway, because BMW and Volvo are making South Carolina manufacturing one of the global leaders in e-vehicles,” Mullikin said, touting moves toward reducing the state’s greenhouse gases footprint.  “‘Environmental sustainability and economic sustainability are not mutually exclusive,” he added.  “We can be more protective of the environmental and more profitable.”  Mullikin graduated from the University of South Carolina with a law degree in 1986.  The retired leader of the volunteer South Carolina State Guard, he’s also a “National Geographic Expert” and a Fellow in both the Manhattan-based Explorer’s Club and London’s Royal Geographical Society.

Sep 232020
Conversations With Rotary Action People

District 7770 Public Image Committee presents C-WRAP or Conversations With Rotary Action People on every Monday and Friday at 11AM, Wednesday All Club Meeting at noon on Zoom and simulcast on Facebook Live.

  • Wednesday, Sept 30 – Stephanie Dasher, Warrior Surf Program
  • Friday, Oct 2 Wayne Beaumier, Disaster USA
  • Monday, Oct 5 Vera Zdrakova, US Dept of State, Trading with China
  • Wednesday, Oct 7 Lucy Spears, Susan Komen SC

Link to join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 882 3417 9722

Password: 8276925
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When signing into Zoom please add your club name along with your name when you sign in. You will be placed into the waiting room.

Please join us or review previous C-WARPs on our YouTube channel. https://www.youtubom/channel/UC1VEWZ027g_PyCmfDaGVCXA

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres had a very well attended Zoom meeting with Mary Gasque, the End Polio Co-chair for district 7770

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Sep 142020

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres had a very well attended Zoom meeting with Mary Gasque, the End Polio Co-chair for district 7770. She spoke on what Rotary is doing to eradicate the disease. There is a GPEI program (global polio eradication now) which was started in 88’. We are members of this group along with WHO, UNICEF, GAUI, CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Polio was active in 40 countries. It is spread by infected fecal matter. In underdeveloped countries there is  little to no clean water for hand washing and these people cannot afford soap. Cases have been reduced by 99.9%. There are still active cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They dip a child’s pinkie in purple paint when they are vaccinated to track who was vaccinated and who still needs a vaccination. World Polio Day is October 24, we need to take on the Purple Pinkie Polio Challenge and end this disease.

We also have another Discover Rotary Scheduled on October 21, led by Sandy Olsen. The club is looking for creative ways to raise funds. Since we are not able to do our usual fund-raising projects due to COVID-19. 

Will Williams speaks with Rotary Club of Little River

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Sep 142020

Will Williams, a Neighborhood Services Intern for the City of Myrtle Beach, spoke with the Rotary Club of Little River about the Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum & Education Center located in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The Myrtle Beach Colored School served African-American students in the Myrtle Beach area for more than 20 years.  Now, a Historic Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum and Education Center provides a window on that past, as well as a door to the future for all.  Thanks to leadership from the City of Myrtle Beach, vision from former students and a partnership among public and private entities, the old school has been preserved in spirit and recreated in fact and continues to fulfill an educational mission.  

As Neighborhood Services Intern, Will oversees the Historic Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum & Education Center and ensures the execution of the museum’s mission to share history while igniting a hope for the collective future. Will is also a local artist. His oil paintings and mixed media work is rooted in the surroundings he became accustomed to by living along the coast of South Carolina. These scenic landscapes stirred him to create artwork that juxtapose the beauty and charm of the South with the often-harsh reality of what occurred on the very land. He uses this artwork as a platform for activism, working to educate people on the importance of local African American history.  Will is a native of Little river, SC.

More information about the center and information about tours can be found on their Facebook page at
Pictured are Will Williams and President Paula Yanis.

Little River Rotarians Participate in Patriots Day Commemoration

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Sep 142020

Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Little River participate in a September 11th Patriots Day Commemoration by joining other members of the community in waving US Flags from Bridges in Little River and North Myrtle Beach.  The event was organized by the North Myrtle Beach Lions club and had participants from many local civic groups and citizens.   
Pictured are President Paula Yanis, Doug Allen from the local Rolling thunder chapter and President-Elect JoAnn Stevens.
Members of Rolling Thunder and the community wave flags over Hwy 17 N in Little River.

Sandy Boggs, Chair-Elect of the Sunset Edition and community members wave flags over Hwy 17 in North Myrtle Beach

Rotary Club Of Forest Acres

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Sep 142020

The Rotary Club Of Forest Acres had a zoom meeting with a wonderful speaker, Pamela Courtney. She is a very fascinating person. She lived in Africa from a very early age, the child of medical missionaries. Ms Courtney speaks five languages, has visited 52 countries and became a pilot at a very young age in order to fly critical patients to treatment that their facility could not facilitate.She explained that you have to absorb the culture of the country you are thrust into. One of the biggest obstacles her family faced in their mission was the Engonga or  Witch Doctor. He had control over the village. He eventually came to her family for treatment after a fire accident and they treated him for his injury, gained his trust and converted him to Christianity.

She also brought to light the problems in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe with the  Chinese taking over. As she tells it they have sold their souls to the Chinese. Their natural resources, rare minerals and also their wild animals,  using them for their own betterment while the people of these countries receive no benefit. Peter Chesney, a member of our club, treated us to a demonstration of his potato launcher. Very interesting and quite fun!We have a Discover Rotary Scheduled for October 21 at 11:30. 

A Very Special Little Library from the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry

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Sep 142020

The Rotary Club of the Lowcountry installed their Free Little Library Saturday morning at the Southside Dog Park in Beaufort.  The library was completely crafted by hand by members Matt and Cheryl D’Angelo, who did a wonderful job building, painting, decorating and installing the library —- the results are stunning and we hope folks of all ages enjoy the library for a long time to come.  

Greenway Parks A Boon for Columbia

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Sep 092020

Columbia’s greenway parks trace their heritage back to a 1905 beautification plan and still provide scenic vistas for hospitality, outreach, education and recreation.  That’s according to Karen Kustafik (shown in LinkedIn photo), assistant superintendent of the city’s 31 Park Rangers and Capital Rotary’s Sept. 9 guest speaker.  The Rangers oversee eight parks that have opened since 1983 and are looking forward to adding new facilities in the Bull Street area (2020) and a Saluda Riverwalk and Boyd Island bird sanctuary (2021).  Riverfront parks recall a bygone era when waterways were key for commerce, moving produce and raw goods from the Upstate and Midlands down to Charleston and back.  Today, Kustafik said, parks remain “really good things to have in flood plains because rivers will rise.  In a changing climate, rivers seem to rise a little bit more frequently, so the banks of green spaces along waterways help keep us more resilient.”  Insect life thrives in wild places, becoming what Kustafik called “building blocks for the rest of life – these insects are critically important” in the natural food chain and as pollinators for plant reproduction.  She also praised the sense of quiet reflection that parks provide.  “Yes, we live in an urban area, but if you get a good 10- or 15-minute walk in, you can find solitude and a place to reflect,” Kustafik observed.  “We have some gorgeous spots where everybody can find peace.”  This has been true even during the COVID-19 pandemic, she noted, when local parks remained busy in March and April despite being officially shut down.

SC Senator Greg Hembree Meets with the Rotary Club of Little River

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Aug 312020

SC Senator Greg Hembree met with Little River Rotarians at their August 26th meeting to provide one of his frequent SC Senate updates to the club.  However, before Senator Hembree could begin his talk, PDG Craig Hill led the club in a belated but rousing rendition of Happy Birthday in honor of the senator’s birthday the previous week.  Senator Hembree was then presented with a tray of delicious homemade cupcakes made by the club’s own Donna Levinski.

Senator Hembree then provided the club with his SC Senate update including the impacts that the COVID pandemic has had on the Legislature this year and what to expect for the remainder of the year and into 2021.  Senator Hembree closed his remarks with a heartfelt message about coping with these uncertain and difficult times and how organizations like Rotary can help us better understand each other and the trials we are all facing in these uncertain times.

PDG Craig Hill leads the club in singing a belated Happy Birthday to Senator Greg Hembree.

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