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Here is a link to a short video of a TV News program in Japan featuring Catherin Glen in her role as a Special Needs English teacher to children in Japan. The video is in mostly Japanese with some English and you can see the passion that Catherine brings to her position with these children.

Catherine will be attending Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland in the 2016-17 Rotary year as a District 7770 Ambassadorial Global Scholar.

Here is a link to the video:


Here is a Translation of the video:

UTY Report Translation

[Ikumi Otagiri]

Today’s special issue, we will report about this woman here who has a nice smile.
This woman is an English teacher who teaches students with disability.
She puts her heart into Special Needs Education…


[Band performance]

Students are enjoying music and dancing alone with the music.
This is a music event at AKEBONO special needs school in Nirasaki city earlier this month.
This event, The US air force band was invited by this American woman’s effort…


The students are very curious and really want to learn about the world. However, they often do not have a chance to explore other cultures. By bringing the band to Akebono, students have a chance to interact and learn about other cultures.

[Ikumi Otagiri]
Miss Catherine Glen, 27 years old.
She was born in South Carolina, USA.
Now, She is a ALT and has lived in Yamanashi for two and half years.

In Yamanashi, there are 29 ALTs. Generally ALT teach in one high school.

However, Catherine teachs at many special needs schools, AKEBONO, KAEDE, Tokadai, Yamabiko, and the Cosumosu schools.

I feel very honored to teach at the special needs schools. It’s the most enjoyable job
I’ve ever had. The students work hard every day and the teachers are really excellent.

[Ikumi Otagiri]
Catherine says that while growing up she received a lot of support from my teachers at school and hopes to support her students in the same way.
Now she researches about Special Needs Education and does Advocacy for disability. She has given lectures on this subject.

Two years ago, When she met AKIE ABE Prime Minister ABE’s wife,
she approached Mrs. Abe about continuing efforts for Special Needs Education.

[Lesson at TOKADAI]

This was a lesson at TOKADAI in Fuehuki city.
That day, she explained Valentine’s Day in America and about how men give presents to women.
Then, she explained the lesson topic about directions and they practiced the topic using an interesting and interactive game.

[student 1]
She teach us English and culture in detail. It’s so fun!

[student 2]
She make us feel better!

[student 3]
She is so friendly. We enjoy her lesson.

[Catherine]  Every student works hard and puts a lot of effort into class. When they learn something new, they smile with pride. When I see this smile, it makes me very happy.

[Ikumi Otagiri]
Miss Catherine said that in America, many students with disability go to mainstream schools.

They are given necessary supports at there.
Educational system is different between Japan and USA.
It’s a difficult to know which is better. Ms. Catherine feels there are few opportunities to know about disability in Japan.

First, I hope more people in japan learn about special needs and about all of the talent that individual with special needs have.
Second, Japan is recently starting to have special needs classes in mainstream schools.
I hope in the future to see more special needs classes in main stream schools in Japan.
And third, I hope that students with special needs in Japan can have more opportunities to go to university and choose from a wide range of careers.

[Ikumi Otagiri]
Miss Catherine is taking care in her interaction of students.
Her enthusiasm for Special Needs Education makes students to be interested not only in English but also in a larger world…

[Ikumi Otagiri]
Miss Catherine started researching about Special Needs in USA.
She came to Yamanash, Japan and fortunately met her students at special needs schools.
I was impressive her lesson with love and a warm heart for students.
She said, in America, people with disability live lively.
I think we should learn about disability in Japan.



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