Aug 122019

John LaFond presented to Tim Baxley his Paul Harris + 6 pin.

Erin Long Bergeson, Lexington County Council Member, brought us up to date of some of the issues of the county.  There is a considerable amount of movement of people to Chapin for the Chapin School system.  Rezoning on Amick’s Ferry.  The county is involved in a Comprehensive Plan which will take about 18-24 months. Infrastructure, in the county, is going to be a challenge with no road changes for the next ten years.  There will most likely be a penny tax on the 2020 ballot for capital improvements and roads.  There is a study going on about Impact Fees for those moving into the county.  Mandatory trash pick-up is in the future for all residents of the county, no more dumps will be built. The school on Amick’s Ferry is going to be glass, brick and well landscaped.  We now have 22 ambulances in the county.  Right now this  is a business looking into the 20 million dollar Economic Park in Chapin.  There is a study in regards to banning Styrofoam, plastic and other trash from the lake area.  The Old Lexington turn-a-round will be completed by September 15 or January 2020.

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