Aug 252013

The recent Council of Legislation concluded

The Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs form has been replaced by
Rotary Club Central, an online goal setting tool for clubs that is accessed by
signing in at

rotary club centralSo how does Rotary Club Central assist us with our clubs and our districts? Rotary Club Central gives the club and district leaders the ability to monitor club progress and achievementsin three key performance areas which are as follows
• membership initiatives,
• service activities
• Rotary Foundation giving.

From a District Level, all district leaders, including the governor, governor-elect, assistant governor, and committee chairs can view a summary of goals and achievements for all clubs in their district by clicking on “District View”. By tracking the progress of
proposed targets, District leaders can quickly identify areas of concern and offer assistance or prescribe corrective action to achieve the targets.

At a Club level, only the club leaders including the president, secretary, treasurer, executive secretary, foundation chair, and membership chair can edit goals and achievements for the year they are in office. However, all club members can view club goals and achievements for all years. The ability of members to view the club’s progress adds a new dimension, the reporting is in real time, clearly defines the achievements and assist the club’s leadership in its planning.

In addition to the benefits to Districts and Clubs, the Data collected through the tool will give Rotary a better way to measure the impact Rotarians are making worldwide.

Some added benefits to Rotary Club Central is that trends can be established over the past five years as the tool it includes charts that track membership retention and Annual Fund giving.

Leaders are encouraged to log in to Member Access and enter their data in Rotary Club Central so that club members, the district governor, and assistant governors can see it. If a club is unable to enter goals, any district leader can input data on behalf of the club. The club president will be notified by email when any changes are made to their goals.

Rotary Club Central gives us the opportunity to record, monitor and evaluate our clubs, districts and the health of our organization, we are able to discover trends easily without having to set up the database; if corrective action is required, the need for it will be
recognized earlier . We will get the opportunity to learn from each other’s successes as the successes are realized in Clubs, Districts and Zones. Rotary Club Central is the dash board – we need only read it for a healthier Rotary.

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