Nov 182018

Pictured are Chicora’s Pres. Angelika Senn and guest Judd Kuhn. Mr. Kuhn is a community involved businessman.  He is military veteran who is very concerned about the treatment of all veterans, but specifically the Special Operations Wounded Warriors, (SOWW)  These are heros who have served our country far and about the requirements of their positions, in many cases sacrificing their own personal safety and exposing their own bodies injury and possible death.  Their distinct purpose of SOWW is to recognize their sacrifices, aid in their rehabilitation by mending their strains of their many sacrifices, and to provide strength and comfort, all with our sincerest expressions of gratitude.  The Myrtle Beach area should be very proud to have a very successful businessman who devote much of his time and efforts to this worthy cause.   Mr. Judd and his staff’s presentation was well received by the Chicora Rotary.  We are also proud to be affiliated with this extremely patriotic program.

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