Nov 262018

Pictured are Chicora Rotary Pres. Angelika Senn and the happy recipients of new shoes and socks from the Happy Feet Program.  This program has proven to be a highly successful project funded jointly by the District and Chicora Rotary. Chicora Rotary provides $1,500.00 to purchase shoes, socks, and coats for needy elementary school children.  These funds are matched by the district. Rotary supplies the needed clothing to the requesting schools. The child is permitted to go into the shoe store and select a pair of shoes of his or her choice, with a Rotary advisor to assist in any way.  Once they select  the shoes the child is permitted to take the shoes to parent to receive final approval.  If approval is received  the shoes and socks are taken to the cashier for checkout.  We distributed 98 pairs of shoes and socks on Saturday before 10  o’clock in the morning.  If there are any remaining funds additional pairs of shoes and socks are purchased and distributed as needed at the local schools.  The Chicora Rotary is proud to be working with the local schools to address this continuing problem and it is very much appreciated by all the schools that are involved in the program.

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