Sep 052018

For the year 2017–2018 year Chicora Rotary impacted over 3000 individuals in our local community we did this by purchasing shoes and coats for 100 kids at the project Happy Feet. Chicora Rotary donated dictionaries to 369 local third graders, feeding over 100 individuals at Street Reach Homeless Shelter. We cooked and served the food at the shelter. Over 150 students were impacted by are donations to Freedom Writers. Which helps the reader to improve their skills.  The  Anyor High School orchestra benefited from our donations of buying music stands. The elderly at Eagle Crest Retirement Home were entertained by our  Christmas caroling. Over 680 students were able to perform at the Waves of the Future. They performed in front of 1500 spectators and thousands of local students from 22 schools benefiting from our $15,000 donation to their fine arts program. This Wave of the Future program is a continuing program of the Chicora Rotary and this year we have collected with advertising and ticket sales over $60,000. The Chicora Rotary would like to thank President Blakely for the fine job that she has done in her year of presidency.  Her  accomplishments have raised the bar for future presidents, thank you so much President Blakely.

Pictured is our President Blakely Roof and incoming President Angelika Senn.

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