Feb 252019

Pictured from the right is Amy Prock, Chief of Police from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, President Angelika Senn  of the the Chicora Rotary and on the left is Asst Chief Marty Brown.  The Chicora is very proud to have the chief of police speak at the Rotary meeting, she has served in many supervisory capacities such as Narcotics, Unit Street Crimes, Special Operations, Regulatory and Violent crimes units and In 2014 he was appointed captain of the strategic planning division where she was instrumental in organizing several growing special events.  Chief Prock gave us a very thorough profile of herself over the years.  She is very dedicated police officer who graduated from the Radford University with a bachelors degree and  masters in psychology from Francis Marion University in 2002. Chief Prock  is also a graduate of administrative office management program from North Carolina State University . Chief Prock has been a very influential player in her team’s success through  team organization.  She believes that the only way to success is with teamwork and has proven that many times over in her relationships with other sections of the government.  Her belief is that the best way to solve problems is with negotiations and team playing.   She has proven this in her many dealings with other departmental heads and other portions of the government.   She is a very dedicated professional and she truly loves the area in which lives and works and is doing an excellent job.  Thank you for an outstanding presentation.

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