Aug 032018

The Chicora Rotary again had the pleasure of inviting Macie McMillan and  her younger sister to tell us  about their pet project that has turn into a large scale operation. It all started several years ago when Macie. who is a 7th grader started the project, by asking  her friends and family to bring backpacks instead of presents to her birthday party.  The next Summer she began activity asking everyone she saw at church and in her neighborhood to sponsor a backpack.  This little entrepreneur grew this great little idea into a major funding of assistance for less fortunate classmates   To date she and her program have donated 1138 backpacks to schools in Horry County   Every year she comes to Chicora Roary for assistance,  last year we funded enough to purchase 30 backpacks and this year we gave her funds enough to buy  24 backpacks.  These funds only represent those funds collected at the meeting. she gave her address to the entire club so they could send in additional funds,if they desired.   The Chicora wishes Macie well on the wonderful civic project.

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