May 062019

Pictured is Ryan Finney CEO of the YMCA of Coastal Carolina Ryan is a dedicated YMCA professional with the entrepreneurial skill combine with a sincere passion for changing lives.  In his most recent roles as CEO of  both Greenville and Columbia Ryan championed improvements efforts in membership services program quality and facility and enhancement‘s.  Ryan went through two of the programs that are currently being worked on at the YMCA these programs have three goals which are safety around water, they are have fun, be confident and stay safe. He stated  some statistics which said that the Y in engages 9 million kids each year in the swimming programs he also mentioned that 88% of all kids who drown did so while under adult supervision and 60% of the children who drown are within 10 feet of safety and drowning is preventable.  We are proud to have Ryan as a speaker he brings a lot to the Myrtle Beach area and we are expecting big things from Ryan in the near future.   He has been with us a little over a year and already we have seen some remarkable changes it in the water safety program and a significant amount of upgrading of fitness equipment,  We look forward to seeing Ryan again at many more Chicora meetings.  Thank you for coming Ryan great presentation.

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