Nov 102015

The Interact Club of North Myrtle Beach High School sponsored by the Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach is holding its 11th annual Christmas Angels Celebration.

Below is a description of the program.  I have a campaign this year for the first time on gofundme to offset the cost of jackets and shoes for students.  I am asking everyone to post on FB pages.  The link to the gofundme page is below as well as the excerpt posted on the site.

My contact info. is 704 349 0269 or email.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Thank you.


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Christmas Angels is an event we do every year here at NMB High School.  Last year we adopted 204 local children!!!  There is a huge need in our community. We are currently celebrating our 11th year of Christmas Angels!  High School students team up and ‘adopt’ a child from one of our local three elementary schools.  The children ‘adopted’ are ones whose families are having trouble and need help providing a Christmas for their children.  High school students raise, as a group, $100.00 per child.  The money goes to items the ‘adopted’ children need and then items they want.  We send home a form to parents who qualify. The form is separated into two parts: a needs section and a wants section.  If anything is listed in the needs section, itmust be purchased for the child.  This is the section where parents or guadians list jackets, shoes, clothing, etc.  The wants section is the wish list for the child.  I decided to try gofundme this year to help students who have to buy jackets and/ or shoes for their adopted children.  A jacket and a pair of shoes can easily cost close to $50.00 and after taxes little money is left for the wish list portion of the form.  As this is the only Christmas our ‘adopted’ angels will receive, we want it to be extra-special.   I am hoping to have all funds from gofundme by Dec. 4th, as we will shop this year as a HUGE group on Dec. 11th.  After shopping together we head to one of the local elementary schools to wrap, label, and organzie all the gifts.  Dec. 12th our ‘adopted’ angels come to a Christmas Celebration and open their gifts with the high school students.  It is truly an amazing experience.  Helping those in need at the holidays is truly the best gift.  The students who participate learn the true meaning of giving and the true meaning of Christmas.

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