Dec 022014

As I reflect on the many facets of Rotary, I am reminded of my “Rotary family”. Sure, my immediate

family is connected to Rotary, some in more tangible ways than others, but I have an extended family

that I also refer to as my “Rotary family”. For me, it includes the members of my home club, Cheraw, as

well as members of various clubs in this district. I am connected, however, to the District Governor’s

and their spouses in Zones 33 and 34. They have become integral members of my family as we have

shared training and education about our organization. As I have traveled abroad, I have also become

aware of my brothers and sisters in foreign lands – all working on behalf of Rotary and delivering

“service above self” no matter where they live.

The one element that unites us all however, is that we are “Rotarians”. That does not just mean that we

are Rotary members (which we all are), but we’ve had some event during our Rotary life that moved us

from becoming “just a member” to being a true “Rotarian”. What was your moment? Mine was when I

realized that I had been the beneficiary of so many projects that the Hartsville, SC Rotary club had

sponsored. I was a member of a local Boy Scout troop, used book covers that the Hartsville club had so

graciously provided and in general, enjoyed a better quality of life in my bucolic hometown all because

of the good works of Rotarians. What was your moment when you realized you were part of something

much larger and much more grande? Email me your “moment” ( I’d be

interested to hear when you realized you were more than just a member and were a true “Rotarian”.

The family of Rotary welcomes you, and many others who want to “do good” in the world – will you join

our family by becoming true Rotarians and commit to our ideals?

Whatever is beautiful, whatever makes you smile, whatever makes you realize that love abounds –

regardless of where we are located; ALL of this, I wish for you and your family during this holiday


Happy Holidays!


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