Jul 212014

Confucius, the Ancient Chinese philosopher is noted to have said “ It is

better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness.

That line sums up the way we in Rotary approach the problems of the

world. There is so much difficulty and suffering in the world, but if we

each were to do our fair share – to light OUR own candle, we can do so

much more. If I light one candle, you light one candle and the other 1.2

million Rotarians around the world light a candle, we can truly make a

difference and “Light Up Rotary”!

This year, I ask you to Light The Candles in your community, as we

strive to be of service to our fellow man. I hope that you will Light Up

Rotary as you engage your club in a Rotary Day that demonstrates to

your community how our philosophy of service is put into action. I

hope that you will Light Up Rotary by learning more about a dreaded

disease facing at least 5 millions of Americans – dementia and

Alzheimers. I hope that you will Light Up Rotary as you sponsor a

fund raiser for a charity where 100% of the donations go to research

– our own CART fund. I ask you to Light Up Rotary by redoubling your

commitment to eradicate Polio. I ask you to Light Up Rotary by inviting

at least one person to join Rotary this year. I ask you to Light Up Rotary

by continuing to support our charity – The Rotary Foundation.

Finally, I ask for your support. Because of the trust placed in me this

year by this district, I am challenged to preserve and protect what

Rotary holds dear. I humbly ask that you “Advise me when I go astray

and follow me when I lead”. Thank you for your support of Rotary

International, District 7770 and all of humanity!

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