Aug 012015

Dear Rotarians of District 7770,

In Rotary, we designate August as Membership and Extension Month. Membership is important to everyone in Rotary. Cliff Docherman, former Rotary International President, once compared membership in Rotary to a flower garden. If you want beautiful flowers, you must plant the seeds, water them, give them plenty of sunlight, and give them the attention they need to help them grow. Growing your club membership also involves a process and requires attention. Simply saying that you need more members will not yield club growth. You need a specific plan and multiple people to carry out the plan.


We generally relate the theme for 2015-16, be a gift to the world, to giving gifts through our acts of service and our projects. What about the gift of membership in Rotary? When you look around your community, who in that community would benefit from being a part of your Rotary club? Who in your community performs acts of service but are not involved in Rotary? Have you asked those people to come and participate in one of your projects?


Each of us has our own reason for joining Rotary, but most of us became part of Rotary to make a difference. We all want to be doing something meaningful, and that is absolutely essential when we talk about membership. Who will you give the gift of Rotary membership to this year? We are not asking just anyone to join Rotary. We’re looking to attract busy, successful, motivated people who care about service. Ask those people to take their valuable time and give it to Rotary because we are the premier service organization in the world. When they come and join our club, we need to show them that their time in Rotary is well spent. We have to make sure that every Rotarian, in every club, has a meaningful job, one that makes a real difference to the club and the community.


When the history of Rotary is recorded for this district, will it include that we maintained the status quo or that we strived to give gifts that were meaningful and sustainable during the 2015-2016 Rotary year? Rotary has always been an organization leading the way to help others. Will you give the gift of membership and help others become a part of this organization so they can also be gifts to the world?

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