Nov 302015

What does December mean to you?  For some, it means shopping, socials, and celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.  For some it is a time to spend with family and friends.  It is certainly a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the year and get ready for the next year with aspirations of making the next year even better than the one that is ending.

For Rotary clubs, December is a good time to assess the progress made toward goals.  Has your Rotary Club accomplished everything that was planned for this portion of the year?  Have you individually and collectively demonstrated to your portion of the world that you are truly a gift to the world?  Between now and June there is still time to make the Rotary year goals a reality, but for some procrastination may get in the way.  Someone once told me that a Rotary club member becomes a true Rotarian when he or she finds their reason to serve and realizes they are a part of something much larger than the local club.  It is referred to as a Rotary moment.  Have you discovered your Rotary moment?  I challenge every reader of this newsletter to take stock of their involvement in Rotary and determine to become the very best Rotarian that you can be.  Each of us is challenged by the Rotary leadership to demonstrate our gifts to the world this year.  Will you accept that challenge?

Merry Christmas!

Rod Funderburk



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