Jan 042016

Not only is January the first month of a new calendar year; but it is also the month we, in Rotary, focus on vocational service.  Vocational service encourages all Rotarians to hold high ethical standards in our business affairs and our professions, to recognize all useful occupations as worthy of respect, and to dignify work as an opportunity to serve society.  Whether we are serving customers, teaching students, or treating patients, whether we’re involved in commerce, research, the media, or any one of countless other fields – we take pride in doing our work with competence and integrity. Every occupation fills a need; and by doing our work well, we are contributing to our communities and to our society.

Vocational service is important to Rotary even though it may seldom be mentioned in club meetings.  By valuing all occupations equally and by maintaining a diverse vocational mix in our clubs, we ensure that our clubs reflect our communities and enhance our service to those communities.  Diversity of vocations promotes a valuable way for our members to find the connections and opportunities that help us individually and our clubs.   By maintaining high standards individually, we earn a reputation that we share collectively.

The new calendar year offers us new opportunities, new challenges, new possibilities, and new ways to make the world a better place.  For some, the beginning of a calendar year brings resolutions.  Will you resolve to exhibit the values of the Four-Way-Test in your vocation?  Will you resolve to support the Rotary Foundation and the Polio Eradication campaign?  Will you resolve to support the efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through C.A.R.T.?   Will you resolve to introduce a new person to Rotary this year?  Will you resolve to be a gift to your part of the world this year?

While we are on the subject of calendars, please mark your calendar for our District Conference March 18-20, 2016 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.  We will be celebrating the accomplishments of our clubs and that celebration needs to include all of you.  You’ll Come – Have Fun!

Rod Funderburk




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