May 032016

Rotarians of District 7770,

This year in Rotary, we are designating May as Youth Services Month.  Some of you might ask, “What is Youth Service”? We know that it is essential for us to bring in a new generation of younger Rotary members, and Youth Service Month is a reminder that we need to make Rotary available to all service-mined people including the younger generation. Some people often talk about Rotary as an extended family.  Families have branches and generations and many different parts.


Rotary International recognizes “the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.  Rotary clubs should be committed to involving youth and young adults in their vocational, community, and international service projects, and to providing programs and resources that support them.”  That is a lot of words to say that Rotary International recognizes the importance of young people and encourages clubs to recognize their importance.

In this district we have EarlyAct clubs, Interact clubs, and Rotaract clubs. If your club does not currently sponsor one or more of these, please consider starting one in the next year.  The district supports Youth Exchange, RYLA, Global Grant scholarship programs and Peace scholarship programs.  If your club does not seek candidates for each of these opportunities, please consider doing so.  We need to do a better job of encouraging young people to get involved with a Rotary club.  Younger people are very interested in hands-on projects that make a difference.  Does your club provide opportunities for hands-on participation?  There are many Rotary clubs who do the same projects to benefit the same organizations that they have done for decades.  Energetic enthusiastic new members could add variety to club projects.  Does your club provide compelling opportunities to offer prospective and current members?  Please take a look at your club and incorporate the necessary changes to make the club more attractive.  At every stage of our lives and our careers, Rotary has something for each of us. It can provide a way to let us do more, give more, and be more. Rotary is big enough for all of us.

District 7770 is sponsoring a Rotary YP Summit Saturday, May 21 at the Coastal Carolina Campus in Conway.  Invite people to come and interact with others excited about Rotary and the possibilities it provides.  Registration is online at the Rotary District 7770 database calendar.

Rod Funderburk


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