Jun 072021

Congratulations on earning Global Peacebuilder recognition for your district! You’ve achieved this distinction by contributing District Designated Funds or district cash to support Rotary Peace Centers or the peacebuilding and conflict prevention area of focus.

Global Peacebuilder Districts like yours play a critical role in supporting the work of the Rotary Peace Centers. Each year, your district contributions are part of the funding that allows up to 130 peace fellows to study at our seven Rotary Peace Centers. More than 1,300 alumni of the peace centers program are actively making the world more peaceful, from leading grassroots initiatives to guiding policy development at the United Nations and the World Bank. Starting this year, Rotary will offer a yearlong certificate program at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, the site of our newest peace center.

Your generous contributions also support the vital peacebuilding and conflict prevention work that clubs and districts do through projects supported by The Rotary Foundation. Through these activities, your donations help train leaders, address the causes of conflict, and build the capacity of communities around the world to overcome violence and increase their resiliency so people can flourish.

Global Peacebuilder Districts like yours are invaluable to Rotary’s peacebuilding initiatives. Thank you for your continued generosity in support of this important work!

Looking for other ways to get involved with Rotary peacebuilding programs? Check out the way everyday peacebuilder list for the top ten ways in which you can be a apart of Rotary’s aim of creating more peaceful societies. 

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