Jun 032013

District 7770 Gift of Life Program welcomed their fifth patient this year with the sixth and possibly seventh coming in June. Myrlande Milfort, 2 yrs. old,and her father Jamahel came from Haiti to Charleston for open heart surgery in early May. Her operation was a complete success and they will staying with several Rotary families during her recuperation period.


The District 7770 Gift of Life Program was established in 1986 and now has five hospitals participating in various types of pediatric surgery to change the lives of poor children from third world countries. more info
Post-surgery UPDATE:
Here’s a shot of our girl late this morning , I wouldn’t be surprised if she left the hospital soon. She quite comfortable and quickly become herself again. This is a very confusing time for her not understanding what just happened and why. Her Dad is just outstanding, patient & loving his baby.
Another Update post-surgery:
Myrlande is just doing beautifully – as you can see she has snatched some of Daddy’s lunch. Her only complication us that her chest cavity is still draining fluid and that delays her coming home. Her time is spent socializing and going down to her favorite playroom.
Leaving the Hospital:
Hugging the nurses goodbye – she went to hug everyone at least twice and excitedly baby talking all the way to the car where she promptly took a snooze.  Now at home she has found a whole new world to explore.  Jamahel might be the happiest daddy in South Carolina.
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