Oct 012017

I am PDG David Parsons, the District’s Parliamentarian.  At the 2019 RI Convention in Hamburg, Germany, a director will be elected from among the Rotarians in our zone. The RI Bylaws provide the RI directors-nominee be selected by a zone nominating committee comprising one member from each district in the zone. Districts in our zone, including D7770, participate on the director nominating committee once every four years. We will need to select a person to represent D7770 on the nominating committee at our district conference in March.

Some of the guidelines from selecting our district’s member and alternate for the district’s director nominating committee are as follows:

1. The member and alternate will be elected at the District Conference in March, 2018.

2. The member and alternate must:

  • be a past governor at the time they are elected
  • be a club member from D7770
  • have attended at least two Zone 33/34 Rotary institutes and have attended at least on RI convention in the three years before serving on the committee (2016, 2017, or 2018)
  • not have served twice previously as a member on the nominating committee for RI director
  • not be a past RI director
  • agree to attend the nominating committee meeting in September 2018

Should your club wish to nominate a qualified member, please send a letter to DG Gary signed by the club president and secretary listing the name of the member and the institutes and conventions attended. A letter has been sent by DG Gary to each Club President as well.

The candidate receiving the most votes at district conference will be declared the nominating committee member and the candidate receiving the second most votes will be declared the alternate.

The deadline for nominations from clubs to DG Gary is November15, 2017. If you have any questions about the procedures, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, text or email.

David Parsons

District 7770 Parliamentarian



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