May 092013

Columbia, SC – St. Andrews (Columbia) Rotary Club –

Have you ever wanted to explore the United States? Maybe you thought about driving across the country seeing its natural wonders and friendly people. George Head has, and he has done it traveling 15 miles per hour on a bicycle.

Head, Senior Pastor at West Minister Presbyterian Church, spoke to the St. Andrews Rotary Club about his experience in cycling. The Pastor admits that many people get into cycling for the speed, but he prefers a much more leisurely pace. As he told his Rotarian audience, if you are exerting yourself to the point you cannot have a conversation with your fellow cyclist you are pushing too hard.

After all, to Pastor Head the fun is the trip itself and those you meet on the road. Since he picked up the passion for cycling, Pastor Head has ridden more than 30,000 miles – enough to circumnavigate the globe. He has traveled through 28 states and participated in 52 organized rides such as the RagBrai ride across the state of Iowa. His longest trip was across the United States, starting in the Pacific Northwest and ending at the Chesapeake Bay.

Head told the Rotarians that along the way he has accumulated some sore legs, a few flat tires, and a wonderful bag of stories.

George Head and Misty Goldiner

Pastor George Head (R) and Club President Misty Goldiner (L)

The St. Andrews Rotary Club was chartered in 1976 and is a part of Rotary International, a global network of community volunteers representing 1.2 million members in nearly 200 countries. St. Andrews Rotary serves its community through the annual Dam Run, which supports scholarships for local students and helps keep the streets of Irmo clean through its Adopt-A-Highway program.  The Club meets every Tuesday between 1 and 2 for lunch at the Ryans on Bower Parkway.


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