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tommy taylorDistrict Governor Lou Mello suggested I send a rap to share about our International Rotary theme for this year: “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. You have permission to publish it along with others about “The Four-way Test” and “Service Above Self”.

We have fun in our club with occasional raps. I have a mission statement on my website: <www.gardenforlife.com>. This should give a resume.  Our Club, the Florence Rotary Club, was chartered in February of 1920.  We are one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in our state and one of the largest with over 160 members.  I was inducted in our club February, 2002.  We will be having our annual History Program on February 24.  It will include a possible visit from “Paul Harris” to commemorate our “Full Circle” of meeting venues.  We are probably the only Rotary club with a Beauty Trail that “showcases spring” flowers and trees in local neighborhoods with a map, cd, and Rotary signs that mark the trail. Yes, that’s a map not a rap.  Citizens are honored to live on the Rotary Beauty Trail.

Our Club gives out over 1600 dictionaries to all third graders in our schools every year.  Our members love the visits with the children.  Also we support the R.I.D.D.E (Rotarians in Drug Deterrent Education) program in two schools for third graders every year.  Along with Bruce Hall staff, our members work with teams of students for several weeks. I usually “rap” for students at both projects. Of course our Club sponsors other projects for the community such as Student shadowing, student exchange, gift of life, Salvation Army Bell-ringing, Christmas Shopping, the C.A.R.T fund, and “blood and guts” blood drive.  Our club supports many local agencies and funds. Our members believe in “Service above Self”.  Our weekly “Fellowship” (report) and programs make our meetings a destination for the day. Meeting at midday on Mondays sets the “tone” for the week.

I’ll “rap” up with “7-7-7-0, Rotary District on the Go…”

Tommy Taylor
The Rappin’ Rotarian, TnT Coolpops

Sample rap from the Rappin’ Rotarian:

Engage Rotary


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