Jul 132014

I have exciting news to share with my Rotary family. I have been granted the opportunity to pair my passion for global health with a clinical skill set through George Washington University’s Physician Assistant Program in Washington, DC. This is a nationally leading program with a strong focus on public health, patient advocacy, and community service. My ambassadorial year with Rotary played a huge role in facilitating this opportunity. I am humbled and excited to train with such an outstanding cohort of individuals and to become better equipped to meet the physical needs of vulnerable populations throughout the world – to play a part in redeeming that which is broken – to offer a voice and dignity to those who are sick and living in poverty.

This is a bit of a delayed update, as I am actually six weeks into the program. I was offered a seat in the class in May, one week before classes started. I uprooted from Charleston in three days’ time, so life has been a bit full with the transition, not to mention the intensity of the program itself! I am taking seven classes this summer semester, with a nice balance between clinically oriented courses (clinical assessment, anatomy, biochemistry) and public health oriented courses. I am finding life in DC to be busy and full of change and opportunity. My instructors are all leaders in the field, a benefit which has already provided great insight to our clinical focus, as well as opportunities to become involved in policy with our close proximity to the Capitol.

Many of you have come to know my husband Ben through my time as a scholar. He has been offered a job teaching high school history at an inner city charter school, so we will be living in the city for the next couple of years. We are beyond thankful for this opportunity and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. I will be sure to keep you all informed of milestones throughout this journey! We hope to find ourselves back in the Lowcountry from time to time!

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