Mar 282015
Sea Island Rotary got a special insight March 10 into what it takes to fly the President, First Family, cabinet officials, and foreign dignitaries from Rob Bridgers. Rob, who currently lives in Beaufort and helps to match veterans with civilian jobs, spent his career in the Army and Marines, where he became one of the pilots of Marine 1, the helicopter used to transport the President and other VIPs to and from Camp David as well as from airports to destinations both within the US and abroad. Rob was very entertaining with his description of the job and of some of the people he transported over the years during the Reagan and Bush presidencies. He managed to walk the fine line between telling what it was really like and keeping confidences. Rotary 3-10-2015 (6) Rotary 3-10-2015 (8)
Rotary 3-10-2015 (1)

Paul gives the final report on our Hunting Island Adventure Biathlon. Thanks who all who volunteered or participated!

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