Dec 022012

Ava Guzman is the granddaughter of CART Treasurer Angus McDuffie and is a 5th grader.

Angus had no idea she had written this about her grandmother.

When he did see it, he asked Ava to read it to the members of the Sumter Rotary Club.

There were a lot of moist eyes when she finished. In honor of the occasion, Angus donated $500.00 to CART.



On September 1, 2012, I lost my MaMa (Willa Catoe) to the disease of
Alzheimer’s.  So if I had a million dollars I would try to find a cure for this sad and
cruel disease.  People who have Alzheimer’s change in personality, they forget
things, like family, solving problems and judgment.  They can get lost and forget
how to do things that they would normally do without even thinking, like driving a
car or mailing a letter, washing the dishes or just getting dressed. 
 They become very confused.

When I was younger I used to love to go to her house a lot because I liked to cook
with her.  She was the best cook.  She taught my Mom how to make the best
Macaroni and Cheese.  We always had Thanksgiving Dinner at her house
because of her pies and stuffing.

She always polished her fingernails not pink.  But as her disease got worse, she
forgot how and then sometimes I would polish them for her.
As she became sicker we had to put her in a Nursing home.  But I still would go
see her.  I would push her around in her wheelchair until she could no longer get
out of her bed.  Then I could sit on her bed and read to her.  She had a favorite
baby doll that she liked and slept with it each night.  
Sometimes I think she thought that doll was real.

Me, Mom and Gammy would go to the Nursing home before she passed away
and feed her and just to see that wonderful smile.  
She forgot who we were but she still loved our smiling faces.

My MaMa was in the Nursing Home four years before she passed away.  She was
a very beautiful lady inside and out.  Everyone loved her.
This is why I can not think of better way to spend a million dollars
than to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  
So maybe someone else’s grandmother will not suffer from this sad disease. 

So in honor of my MaMa (Willa Catoe) I have teamed up with the Sumter Rotary
Club in the fight to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

 Please share this with as many Rotarians as you can. Ava’s little voice speaks loud and clear.

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Many were inspired by her words, and a campaign to raise One Million Dollars she speaks of is under discussion…

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