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Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I am happy to inform you of a new District initiative. This year District 7770 is teaming with District 4465 in northern Peru to launch jointly a Vocational Training Team (VTT) which will travel to Peru in May, 2014. I invite you to consider becoming part of the adventure.

The work of the VTT will be accomplished in two phases. The Phase One team will travel to the Iquitos / Amazon Basin region of the country and to the desert northwest in the Piura / Chiclayo area in May, 2014. During the past several years our District has been actively involved in both regions installing safe water treatment systems and improved sanitation facilities. The work of Phase One of the VTT will be to evaluate the sustainability of the projects we have done before, and to observe and collaborate with local residents to identify areas of need and future projects we can do together to improve the quality of life of the people there.

The work of Phase Two will be to implement projects suggested by the Phase One team and will be funded under a separate Global Grant. We expect the Phase Two team will travel to Peru in the Fall, 2014.

This announcement and request for volunteer team members applies to Phase One only.

Vocational Training Teams are a new concept for Rotary, and both Rotarians and non-Rotarians may participate. Members of a VTT will have their travel, lodging and meals paid for by the Rotary Global Grant which funds the Team. Personal items, incidental expenses, and in-country recreation are the responsibility of the team member. Rotarians are encouraged to speak with non-Rotarians of their acquaintance who may be qualified and interested in taking part in this VTT opportunity.

Attached to this email is a VTT Team Member Application. If you wish to be a candidate for one of the team member spaces, please complete the application and return it to the Vocational Training Team leader, Tom Richards, at trrichards8@gmail.com. The deadline for submitting your application is January 21, 2014. Applicant interviews will be held in Orangeburg, SC, onJanuary 31, 2014.

Also attached to this email is a Vocational Training Team Fact Sheet which will answer most or all of your questions about the VTT. If you wish to learn more about it, please consult the District 7770 website (www.rotary7770.org) or contact the VTT team leader, Tom Richards, at trrichards8@gmail.com. The information is also available on the District Database.

The work of this Vocational Training Team will continue and enhance the significant accomplishments our District has achieved over the years in Peru. Please consider becoming part of this new phase in our service to humanity through personal involvement in helping others.

Yours in Rotary service,

Lou Mello
District Governor

VTT Flyer – 2014

VTT Team Member Application – 2014

VTT Vocational Training Team Fact Sheet – 2014

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