Oct 222013
rotary has heart

by Rotary Coordinators Paula Matthews and Marcy Ullom

A key reason people are drawn to membership in Rotary is the promise of working on meaningful service projects. Clubs with multiple projects offer more opportunities for involvement at all levels, making members feel they are contributing to an important effort and making a difference in their community.

Your club has one of these opportunities on Valentine’s Day, 2014 by engaging members to feed hungry children in your community through our Zones 33-34 Project called Rotary Has Heart.

Many clubs already have such projects—Backpack Buddies, donations to a local food bank, or perhaps volunteering at a local shelter or feeding program. We hope you will schedule at least one of these projects or develop a new one for Valentine’s Day 2014. Your club will demonstrate again to the community and prospective members that you do have heart.

Use this event to engage new members. Working together to deliver an experience that will keep members active, engaged and happy with their decision to join Rotary will help them understand the value of Rotary. Rotarians want to work on relevant projects. Without such opportunities, they will quickly lose interest in your club. Giving new members an active role in your club makes them realize an immediate connection. So why not start now?

Identify new members and potential members interested in fellowship and service in your community and involve them in this project. This is a win/win for all concerned.

Let the media in your community know about your good work; don’t forget the importance of public image. Increase your appeal to prospective members through this service project. Rotary International has seen a noticeable increase in prospective members from communities where there has been a major public relations campaign and service project.

Rotarians join and stay with their clubs primarily because they seek opportunities for community service, fellowship, and friendship. Think of the many non-Rotarians you know are looking for the same things. Invite them to help with this service project and see for themselves how Rotary connects leaders to make a positive change.


Rotary Has Heart is our effort to feed hungry children on Valentine’s Day 2014 in Rotary Zones 33-34. All clubs are asked to participate in some way.


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