Nov 122018

A most wonderful man and Rotarian who has inspired us by his words and actions passed away yesterday. Norman Reeves, who lived a most outstanding life to the age of 102 had 100% attendance for all of his 73 years in Rotary. His passion for Rotary took him to every meeting for which he was medically able, international conventions (where he once served as the Sergeant-at-Arms for Rotary founder Paul Harris!). He participated in Club projects, and where the work was too strenuous, he found some way to contribute sitting down. His Santa outfit attracted many Salvation Army donors.. He could tell the corniest jokes to make us laugh, right up to the end. He will be our hero, our role model, and absolutely our inspiration for years to come.  The Funeral will be held on Friday, November 2 at First Presbyterian Church, where he attended as regularly as Rotary and taught a Sunday School class for many years. Rest in peace, our dear Norm, and prayers for comfort for all the Reeves family.

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