Aug 052019
From left to right: Drew Hansen, PP, PADG Steve McMillan, PP Carlton Bell, CM
Charlie Sprinkle, PP Mary Martin, PP, PDG Todd Canipe, PP Gary Gaffney, PP
Stephanie Chestnut, PP John Smithson, PP Tom Scott, PP AJ Gohil, PP, ADG
Harry Thomas, PP, CM
PP = Past President
PADG = Past Assistant District Governor
ADG = Assistant District Governor
PDG = Past District Governor
CM = Charter Member
Not pictured, but in attendance were:
Charlie Stuart, PP Ed Jerdon, CM Allen Jeffcoat, PP Tom Heyward, PP
Pictured from Left to Right: Previous Scholarship Recipients and Club Scholarship Liason.
Kyle Cooper, Club Member: Cathy Threatt, Myatt Hardwick, Omaima Najib, and Harley Merrill. 
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