Mar 092020

Ray Pinson, the Manager of Local Government and Community Relations for Santee Cooper, brought Rotarians up to speed on the future of one of South Carolina’s largest utilities.

According to Pinson, state legislators and the Governor are examining how to move forward. At the instruction of the legislature last year, the South Carolina Department of Administration (DOA) solicited proposals for three types of bids regarding the utility’s future:

  1. A proposal from the new leadership at Santee Cooper outlining necessary reforms the utility should take.
  2. Proposals from outside utility companies to manage Santee Cooper, allowing the utility to remain under state ownership.
  3. Proposals from outside utility companies to purchase Santee Cooper from the state outright.

“The option to reform or sell Santee Cooper is perhaps the biggest opportunity South Carolina has had, and probably will have, to make sure that the state’s energy system is transitioning into a 21st energy system. Unfortunately, these plans have us looking more backward than forward,” said Pinson.

Photo:  Ray Pinson of Santee Cooper Addresses Myrtle Beach Rotarians

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