Aug 102013

From April 2013 Rotary International Membership Minute

August is Membership and Extension Month for Rotary, where clubs are encouraged to both grow their clubs AND come up with creative ways to retain the members they have.

What is the difference between merely retaining members and ENGAGING them?

The difference between retention and engagement is simple: Membership retention refers to keeping members from year to year,
while engagement concerns keeping those members involved and excited about your club every day.

While both are important elements of any membership development plan, engagement can help you retain members who are active participants. Engaged members have a strong bond with their clubs. They feel connected, valued, and committed to Rotary’s work and to achieving their club’s objectives.

You can help your members feel engaged by:

  1. Publishing a list of members on your Facebook or club website to highlight their Rotary anniversary
  2. Publicly thanking members who work on a project
  3. Writing a personal note to a member to wish him/her a happy birthday or happy anniversary
  4. Asking seasoned members to serve as mentors to new Rotarians
  5. Inviting members to join (or chair) a committee
  6. Encouraging members to involve their family and friends in service projects
  7. Creating weekly programs that are of interest to your members
  8. Asking members to help choose the next community service project
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