Mar 312014

From RI Vice President and loyal District 7770 Rotarian Anne Matthews:

anne matthewsI am in Seoul, Korea, at Rotary District 3650’s Conference, representing President Ron Burton. They have over 1200 Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and guests. This is the home of Trustee Chair D. K. Lee and fellow RI Board member Sang Koo Yun. It has been a great conference. So much graciousness and hospitality! I am sharing a few photos with my Facebook friends. The second photo is with a gentlemen who received the Service Above Self Award and I was asked to present it. In the third photo RI Director Sang Koo Yun is on the right. The fourth shows the flags representing Korea, Japan, United States and the District Flag. The district has a sister district in Japan and the governor and several Rotarians came to the conference.

anne matthews 2


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