May 172021

Steve was born in Washington, D.C.  Having grown up in that area he went to the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in economics.  After graduation he was fortunate enough to land a position with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington.  In the economics world a position at the Fed is coveted.  By attending Board meetings he quickly learned their thought process which was invaluable throughout his career.

After a decade at the Fed, Steve moved to New York City and became the Chief U.S. Economist for Lehman Brothers where he remained for almost 25 years.  Sitting on the trading floor made the job exciting.  It was also challenging to combine many tidbits of economic information into a forecast for the economy, inflation, and interest rates.  He also frequently traveled to Europe, Asia, and around the U.S.   What a wonderful way to spend 25 years of one’s life!

In 2003 Steve and his wife Mary moved to Daniel Island with the idea of retiring.  Shortly after moving here Steve (and Mary) joined Rotary with the idea of making new friends and giving back to their community.  He has been most closely affiliated with the Club’s speakers’ series which has given him the opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating people in the Charleston area.

When the 2008-09 recession hit Steve started NumberNomics which is a blog about all aspects of the economy.  He also writes the economics column for the Charleston Regional Business Journal, and gives speeches telling his economic story to interested groups.

In his retirement mode he feels he has been blessed.  He gets to do something that he has done for 50 years, truly loves, likes to think he is reasonably good at doing, at whatever pace he wants.  

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