Jan 182021

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres had a guest speaker from MADD.Mr Steven Buritt, he is the Exec. Director of NC & SC MADD. MADD was started in 1980 as a grass root movement in  Ca by a woman who lost her daughter. There are more drunk driver fatalities here in NC & SC than in NY state. In the SC House there is , Bill # 3008, that will require all those convicted of Drunk driving to have an ignition lock device where the driver would have to blow into a device that will not allow the car to start if the driver has been drinking.There are many ways to support this movement. On 5-1-21 Walk Like MADD will be held at the Criminal justice Academy. Moment for mentors was presented by Teresea Mathis and Laura Griese with the many benefits that come from it.Our next meeting Jan. 20 we will have guest speaker Walter Hughes.

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