Mar 222021

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres has added 3 new members in the last month expecting another prospective member to attend Discover Rotary on March 17. We are growing! Our speaker for this meeting was quite informative. We hosted Helen Grant from Richland County school district 2. She is the Chief of Diversity and Multicultural Inclusion Officer. In the position for five years. It was explained to our group that equality is not the same as equity. Equity is getting what you need to succeed. It closes the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and success. two wonderful examples were given, here is one- there are five people on foot. They all received a bicycle to get around in a more efficient manner. The problem is that all the bicycles were the same. All the people were not. One was wheelchair bound. Four of the people in the sample had their needs met for more efficient transportation but the individual in the wheelchair needed a modified bicycle which had arm pedals to achieve the goal . The community needs to work together for everyone to have a chance to succeed. An equity mindset moves us forward. Diversity builds strength in our community and in our clubs.

We can now do Happy Dollar,The Foundation, and the Polio Fund donations at Our 5th wednesday outing is March 31. Members were asked to save the date for The District All Club Conference which takes place May 7th and Spring Training takes place May 25th

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