Sep 282020

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres had as a guest, Herman Dixon the Ambassador council representative for Shelter Boxes. They provide shelter when needed when disaster strikes. Shelter Boxes have gone to over 2 million people in 100 countries. Some of the items included in a Shelter Box are a tent, cookware, blankets, tools, water, or a way to distill water, and solar lights. The group is very well organized and can deploy quickly when a disaster strikes. The program was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the work they do and necessities they provide. Most of their funding comes from Rotary Clubs across the country. They are looking for club liaisons. Their goal is to make sure no family is left without shelter and no child is left out in the cold.

Discover Rotary to be held on October 21 @ 11:30 to be led by Regina Moore. To make things fun we are to wear a special hat to the next Zoom meeting.

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