Sep 142020

The Rotary Club Of Forest Acres had a zoom meeting with a wonderful speaker, Pamela Courtney. She is a very fascinating person. She lived in Africa from a very early age, the child of medical missionaries. Ms Courtney speaks five languages, has visited 52 countries and became a pilot at a very young age in order to fly critical patients to treatment that their facility could not facilitate.She explained that you have to absorb the culture of the country you are thrust into. One of the biggest obstacles her family faced in their mission was the Engonga or  Witch Doctor. He had control over the village. He eventually came to her family for treatment after a fire accident and they treated him for his injury, gained his trust and converted him to Christianity.

She also brought to light the problems in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe with the  Chinese taking over. As she tells it they have sold their souls to the Chinese. Their natural resources, rare minerals and also their wild animals,  using them for their own betterment while the people of these countries receive no benefit. Peter Chesney, a member of our club, treated us to a demonstration of his potato launcher. Very interesting and quite fun!We have a Discover Rotary Scheduled for October 21 at 11:30. 

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